Steel Frame Homes

Ison Homes takes a practical and comprehensive approach to optimising the energy efficient features of new steel frame homes design to achieve high energy ratings. We incorporate home design, home features and building materials in our goal to optimise the sustainability of your new home building project.steel frame homes

Energy Efficient House Design

Steel frame homes design is the best place to start when you want energy efficiency for your new home. With the help of Ison Homes, your home can optimise its specific features  and land location.

  • Clever home orientation such that it can maximise the flow of air. This can reduce your reliance of air conditioners and heating systems.
  • 600 mm eaves for sun protection.
  • Front and back decks for easy access to outdoor/indoor lifestyle and cool zones
  • Recommended use of clerestory windows that can maximise air flow, reduce the need for daytime lighting, and increase cross flow ventilation.
  • Selected positioning of doors and windows to capture air flows and keep temperatures down.

Energy Efficient Home Features

Ison Homes incorporates sustainable home features to support he energy efficiency and environmental friendly lifestyles of our new home clients. These features reduce the need to consume power, save on emissions, and minimise costs for our new home building clients.

Environmentally friendly features of Ison Homes include:

  • Insulation of both walls and roof space for natural protection against the sun’s heat
  • Solar panels to generate energy for your home
  • Solar hot water systems to save energy emissions and costs
  • Water wise toilets and tap ware to save water
  • Energy efficient lighting for more light without the heat

Call us today for more information about our home design sustainability features:  (07) 3207 4298.

Energy Efficient Building Materials

Contemporary building materials have revolutionised home building with their inbuilt qualities that support environment conservation and sustainability goals . Here at Ison Homes, we use Hebel products and steel frames when building new homes and extensions.

Ison Homes espouses energy efficient designs and features with our use contemporary building materials, such as Hebel products. Hebel blocks and panels can be used for interior and exterior walls and floors. Hebel products offer home builders contemporary style, strength, thermal insulation and added security between rooms and floors. In addition, Hebel products significantly reduce sound transmission and noise penetration, which is very important to privacy and comfort in your new home. Hebel’s independently tested fire resistant properties exceed the requirements for all levels of Bushfire Attack Levels. Hebel products give home owners privacy, strength, added security and peace of mind.

Hebel ProductsHebel-PowerFloor-Panel

Ison Homes uses Hebel products because of their impressive environmental conservation reputation.

In an independent life cycle assessment, Good Environment Choice Australia found Hebel had clear environmental benefits across all key environment criteria. Hebel uses 61% and 64% less embodied energy, and 64% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer, respectively. As environmental consciousness and social responsibility increase in new home building, Hebel products are leading the way.

New home builders appreciate the strength and flexibility provided by Hebel wall panel systems. Hebel wall panels work easily with timber and steel framed constructions in extensions and in second storeys. The light weight Hebel wall systems use 75 mm thick steel mesh reinforced panels that are fixed to battens, sealed together and then given a distinctive rendered finish.

Using Hebel as your flooring system is also a wise choice. The product is a great alternative to concrete, at a significantly less cost. Again the excellent thermal and acoustic qualities of Hebel products provide comfort, cost savings and environmental benefits. Hebel block homes are energy efficient homes that we recommend.

The qualities of Hebel deliver the ultimate in comfort through their enhanced thermal efficiencies, fire resistance and acoustics. Call us today to discuss how Hebel products can be used in your new home design: (07) 3207 4298

Steel House Frame Construction

Steel frame homes are popular and sustainable alternatives to timber house framed homes, which are now regarded as threats to the preservation of the world’s great forests. To safeguard forests, the use of steel framing is a viable alternative, with several additional benefits:

  • Steel prices are now comparable to timber prices.
  • Your steel frame is termite and fire resistant.
  • Steel homes provide great lines and flat surfaces as finished products.
  • We specialise in both standard suburban lots, and sloping and small, narrow lot sites.
  • Using a steel house nowadays provides greater design flexibilities,especially when it comes to open plan living.
  • Recyclable capacities that contribute to sustainability for future generations.
  • Longevity and tensile strength provide a safer structure, with less deterioration and maintenance requirements.
  • The strength of steel house framing results in less product (framing and footings) requirements, plus the flexibility to span larger areas than timber structures.
  • Reduced build time due to computer aided technology and factory production of exact framework, which is delivered to the site and ready for erection.
  • Light weight and therefore convenient to use in home construction, in terms of erecting the steel frame, and installing insulation and interior/exteriors.
  • Excellent dimensional stability of the frame that won’t warp, twist, dry out, sag or shrink – minimising the chances of binding doors, sticking windows, cracked cornices or sagging and wavy rooflines. This gives home owners peace of mind, and prevents the need for maintenance tasks common with timber framed houses.
  • We are specialise in designer homes throughout Brisbane and Bayside areas.

Steel frame homes also provide the new home owner with confidence. You won’t have to  worry about termite attack. You get additional protection from increased fire resistance and the engineered strength of steel frames. Your new home can resist damage from high winds, such as during cyclonic conditions. Steel frames are available in both 70mm and 90mm frame widths, and are suitable for any exterior or interior finishes. 

Ask Ison Homes for more information about

having the benefits of using steel frames for your next home: (07) 3207 4298.