Small Lot House Designs

With the increasing demand for small lot homes or narrow lot homes, you should invest time in looking for small lot house designs. You want to small lot house designsmaximise your use of your block of land. Small lot house designs can vary dramatically, depending on your needs and lifestyle.

However, keep in mind that the definition of a small lot is just that, a small area to build on. There are some important things to consider when you start to look for small lot house designs.

A small or narrow lot has an average width of less than 15 metres, or an area less than 450m2. A rear lot (behind an existing dwelling) is less than 600 m2 in size. Many existing properties in the older suburbs of Brisbane have a 809 m2 or 32 perch block of land, with a house sitting in the middle of 2 small lots.

Small Lot Code

Useful information concerning the small lot code can be found on the Brisbane City Council’s website. If a small lot house design complies in full with the small lot code, it is deemed “self-assessable” and can be approved by a private building certifier (does not need to go directly to the local council for approval).

If demolition is involved in the development of the site, council planning approval is required even if it complies with the small lot code.

 Small Lot Houses Brisbane

When drawing up your small lot house design in Brisbane, consider the climate. Incorporate your outdoor living with the indoors by using large windows and louvres for maximum natural air flow and natural light.

Be mindful and plan ahead if you want to add some landscaping or even a swimming pool. The side boundaries on small lot houses in Brisbane are usually minimal, if not zero.

Any large fixtures, plants, rocks etc, will need to be installed before the main frame is erected. Otherwise, you will be carting things through your home.

Small lot houses in Brisbane have become very popular. Maximum home on minimum land space means you have everything you need in a home plus you don’t have to maintain a large yard.

You get more time for things you like, such as relaxing on your new deck or entertaining in your new kitchen.

Generally a small lot design will have a garage, laundry, family room, toilet and bathroom and perhaps a home office on ground level. The upper level accommodates the main bedroom, ensuite, living areas, kitchen and decks.

It is well worth taking the time to consult a designer and spending a lot of time ”nutting” out exactly what your needs are. Take the opportunity to plan precisely what you want, your budget and how you want to go about your home building.

You want to make the  construction of your small lot home a pleasant experience. It is, after all, one of the most important purchases of your life. For expert advice and home building services, call us: (07) 3207 4298