Sloping Lot House Plans

Sloping Lot House Plans

The benefits of split level homes are widely known, so why is it that when you look carefully at many homes on sloping blocks you would think that their builder thought the world was flat. What you see is a slab home dug into the slope of the land. Steep driveways, expensive, large retaining walls and a less attractive façade result. Why?  Because most builders have lost the skills and techniques to build a home to suit the site. 30 years ago all homes were designed to the site, so what has changed?

Unlike most builders, Ison Homes have built split level homes with bearers and joists as well as split slab designs. The figures below show all the benefits visually:

Cut and Fill:

Sloping Lot House Plans

This describes the process of carving out a level plinth on a sloping site, in order to build a home that is essentially designed for use on a level site. Any spoil that is cut from the bank is reserved in order for it to be brought . back to make up the levels on the lower edge .Depending on the type of slope you are working with, this can be a more cost effective solution as you don’t have to cart spoil away from site. So when it comes to building a house on a sloping block , these are some of the methods use in today building constructions.

StilSloping Lot House Plansts:

Building on steel posts is one way of addressing steeply sloped sites. This avoids the need for expensive foundations and also negates the requirement for tanking.
The other benefit is that it leaves the ground untouched. It could also be implemented on multiple levels as shown.

Sloping Lot House PlansBasements and Retaining Walls:

When creating basements on sloped terrain, the walls are often subject to a lot of force from the surrounding banks of land and therefore becoming retaining walls.Structural engineers will need to be involved in the design of these structures, and detail design stage is important to ensure good water proofing. Another option is stepping the ground by using low level retaining walls, or gabion walls.

Sloping Lot House Plans


Your sloping site may dictate higher building cost with regard to drainage and sewers, depending on the size of the project. If the sewerage system is uphill from the site, will you need to have pumping systems installed? If the system is downhill, you may need to slow flow down to the sewers. You will need to consider water run off from the site and make sure you make sufficient measures to deal with surface water. Investigate soakaways and drainage channels to make sure your surface water is dealt with correctly and doesn’t end up flooding your lower floor or the surrounding area.


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