Slimline Water Tanks Brisbane

Slimline Water Tanks Brisbane

When considering installing any slimline water tanks in Brisbane you need to take into consideration Brisbane rainfall. The Bureau of Meteorology Australia Climate Statistic for Brisbane Qld provides a good source of information in Brisbane’s rainfall and Queensland climate information. There are also rebates for the installation of rain water tanks in Brisbane. Brisbane Water Rain Water Tank Rebate webpage contains information on how to obtain these rebates for installing a rain water tank.

Removal of mandatory requirements to reduce cost of building Published: 14 December 2012 Master Builders, Queensland’s peak body for housing and construction, has welcomed the Queensland Government’s announcement regarding the removal of the mandatory water tank requirement for new homes and changes to the requirements for electric hot water systems in new homes and renovations. Master Builders Director of Housing Policy, Paul Bidwell, said Master Builders had been working with the current and previous governments to strip out unnecessary building costs that are impacting on housing affordability. “Not only does the government’s decision provide consumers with choice, enabling them to choose products which meet their budgetary constraints, we also believe removing these mandatory requirements is an important step to addressing the rising cost of building,” Mr Bidwell said.

  • In recent years, state and federal governments have introduced regulations that add substantially to the cost of building a new home, including mandatory water tanks, greenhouse-efficient hot water systems, the 6-star energy efficiency rating, the carbon tax and local government infrastructure charges.
  • These rising costs have had a negative impact on building activity, as well as exacerbating the cost differential between new and existing housing stock in Queensland.
  • There are two elements to the cost of housing – the cost of land and the cost of building – and these costs have risen substantially in recent years, particularly since early 2000.
  • If we are serious about addressing the issue of housing affordability and increasing building activity levels in the future, steps must be taken to rein in the cost of land and building.”
  • Rainwater tanks add around $6,000 to the cost of a new house and the requirement for greenhouse-efficient hot water systems adds up to $3,000 to the cost. Earlier this year Master Builders commissioned Mainstream Economics & Policy to evaluate the cost effectiveness of water tanks as a water supply option for new homes, as well as the financial impact of the requirements on the cost of building a new home.
  • The report showed that under most circumstances, there will be a net annual cost to household budgets to install and operate a tank, as the savings in water bills are usually insufficient to offset the costs of financing and operating the tank,” Mr Bidwell said.

He added that Master Builders is delighted with the government’s announcement as it is a positive step towards supplying affordable housing that accommodates Queensland’s future population growth.


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