Narrow Lot House Plans

Narrow Lot House Plans Brisbane

Ison Homes provides expert and cost-effective narrow lot house plans so you can have your dream home even with limited space.

Through our expertise and experience, you get expertly drawn plans that make the best use of your allotted space, beautifully and efficiently. Ison Homes is a company that you can trust to provide you with narrow lot home solutions you and your family will absolutely love!

narrow lot house plans brisbane




Ison Homes specialises in providing Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland with best building solutions and plans for small and narrow lots. We welcome all of your narrow lot projects. We deliver expert building plans and services that go toward building your dream home.

Ison Homes is diligent when it comes to providing you with the home of your dreams. Each feature and detail are brought in and incorporated into the plans we draw up for you. Even with narrow lot house plans, you can realise your vision for your home.

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Why Choose Us ?

Ison Homes specialises in transforming your narrow lot house plans into reality. Our knowledge and experience enable us to maximise the potential of your block and ensure that your new home has all the features that are important to you. We never compromise on quality or finish.

  •  Evaluation and concepts
  • Narrow lot house plans
  • Managing town planning
  • Demolition if needed
  • Construction and access
  • Storm water management

These are just some of the services we offer.

If you already have narrow lot house plans, we can start with that. Or, let us draft plans for you from scratch. Ison Homes is all about providing you with everything that you can possibly need to realise your dream home.

We are Experienced

The team at Ison Homes will identify all the key areas for the development of your small or narrow lot house, and outline all the stages, processes and fees for your new home.

With over 35 years of experience as Master Builders, we understand the challenges and special requirements involved when building on narrow blocks of land .We have built both timber and steel framed homes on narrow lots or sloping blocks. Multi-level, two story and single story homes and energy efficient homes can be designed and built to take advantage of your real estate’s attributes.

Narrow & Small Lot Homes

As part of our small or narrow lot house plans packages, Ison Homes offers demolition service for old and outdated homes. Our quick, clean and safe demolition service includes:

  • Site investigation
  • Demolition/removal quotation from Ison Homes
  • Contracting of recommended demolition companies
  • All application processes and fees, presented for your approval
  • Protection/removal of any items for future use
  • Lodgement of the application for demolition on your behalf

Whatever the size or shape of your small lot or narrow lot, Ison Homes will provide a unique and individual design and building solution. Don’t let a small lot, narrow block or even a sloping block stop you from building an exquisite home. We help you make the most of every square meter on your block of land.

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Small Lot Code

The small lot code is part of the Brisbane City Council town plan and it applies to:

  • any lot smaller than 450m2
  • any lot with an average width less than 15m
  • a rear lot smaller than 600m2 excluding access way

If narrow lot house plans comply in full with the small lot code, it is deemed ‘self assessable’ and can be approved by a private building certifier. This means you do not need to go directly to the local Council for approval.

The requirements of the Code regulate the size of house and other critical design elements. Meeting these requirements ensures that houses are of appropriate size for the land and do not impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties. Council planning approval is required for any small lot house proposed in a Demolition Control Precinct, even if it complies with the provisions of the Residential Design—Small Lot Code. This is so that Council can assess the design to ensure it respects pre–1946 housing mandates. However, no public advertising is required for:

  •  Small or narrow lot has an average width less than 15 metres and or with an area less than 450 m2
  • A rear lot less than 600 m2 in size, these types of Small Lots are more common in older suburbs.
  • Many existing properties, particularly in the inner suburbs, have a house straddling two existing Small Lots on an 809m2 (or 32 perch) parcel of land. Most existing titles in these suburbs were subdivided back in the 1920.