Knockdown Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild

knockdown rebuildKnockdown Rebuild is fast becoming the new trend in Brisbane …..Literally!!

Brisbane suburbs are changing every day by the rise of the “Knockdown Rebuild” trend.

At Ison Homes we our specialized “Knockdown Rebuild” we offer you the knowledge and understanding in the knockdown rebuild development, to provide you with quality service and a comfort of knowing we are in it together. We will guide you through the steps from start to finish – from demolition to hand over to your beautiful new home.

Every renovation or extension involves interruptions with your personal life along with unknown issues that can arise form the past. Sometimes you are forced to work within the limitations of the old home’s shape and situation on the block.” Knockdown Rebuild “ starts with you’re a clean slate and while staying close to all the amenities that you have grown to enjoy, not to mention  good neighbours.

Here are some points on how you could benefits to knocking down your existing house and rebuilding a brand new home;

•Those who are considering renovating think twice, in some cases Knockdown Rebuild are more practical and cost effective option. If you are considering a large renovations this could out weight the benefits gain on completion, not to mention over capitalizing on the project, it doesn’t make sense.

•Rebuilding your own home means that you can advantage of new modern design that suits you and your family and most importantly of all “Your Budget” Think about it, a brand new home at your old address.

•Whether you are single, a young couple or starting a family, or investing in future growth your family, you can continue to grow and develop within your existing community and current lifestyle!!

Ison Homes always work closely with you in designing your home and a budget that suits your needs.

Doesn’t matter what size your family is or whether you want one storey or two, we listen to your needs and lifestyle and how you like to entertain your family and friends. Our designer’s will design a home for you that are as individual as you are.

Ison Homes takes care from demolishing your existing home to processing all the applications and permits required to build your new home. Please call 07 32074298 for a free consultation.


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