Why do a Knock down rebuild or what we refer to as “KDR?”

If you have an old home in a established area and you don’t want to move away from a place that you love, as well as beloved shops, friends, schools, church and clubs;  then why not knock down your old home and rebuild a new one?


There’s a great chance that you have enough equity from your old home to build a new one. Realise your dream of living in a new modern home with your preferred custom finishes. Call Ison Homes today! 07 3207 4298Knock Down Rebuild

Whether you’re looking to KDR your old home, or have purchased a property to redevelop, we can help!

Ison Homes is Brisbane’s leading home builder. We are experts in knock-down-rebuilds. We will knock-down your home for you and build you a better one – guaranteed!

KDR is a popular way of developing small and narrow lot homes in Brisbane and the Bayside areas. This is no surprise, and it is not really as complicated as you think. When Ison Homes takes the lead, we do it right!

In a typical knock-down-rebuild process, the outdated home is quickly, cleanly and safely demolished and removed within a day. This makes way for the construction of a modern, energy efficient and individual home of your choice. knock down rebuild

We have several modern narrow house designs available for you to choose from. Or we can design one for you from scratch.

Knock Down Rebuild may have some costs associated with the demolition. But, it evens out in the end. With KDR, you don’t have to pay stamp duty on a property. Plus, consider that old home renovations can add up to a lot – especially when your builder finds major problems behind walls and under slabs. It can even be more expensive that demolishing and building a new one on old property.

KDR by Ison Homes is your cost-effective solution. Our services include:

  • Site investigation.
  • Demolition/removal quote compilation from our preferred contractors – only previously contracted companies are recommended.
  • Application process and relevant fee structures researched and presented to you for approval and signatory.
  • Pre-demolition/removal meeting to ascertain any items to remain or be protected on site.
  • Lodgement of applications to the local councils on your behalf. knock down rebuild
  • Contractors insurance and licenses copied and in place – proof of competence provided to you.
  • Demolition supervision is maintained by us throughout the demo/removal process to ensure all interests are protected.

Ison Homes has completed many knock-down-rebuilds all over Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland. We take away the hassle of organising the demolition and getting council approval. After which, we will get to work to build you your new dream home. Our experience and expertise in the areas of demolition and rebuilding housing ensure the smoothest of transition for you and your loved ones.

Talk to us today to explore your knock-down-rebuild options. Call us: 07 3207 4298

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