Residential Building Designers vs Drafting Services

Residential Building Designers vs Drafting Services

Residential Building Designers vs Drafting Services

In Queensland you have three options available to you to produce a set of house plans for construction purposes. They are:

Residential Architects

  • Very expensive.
  • Very creative.
  • Little concern about your budget. Not trained in building cost estimating.
  • Often want full control over the design often with little consideration or consultation with the builder and engineer involved in actually delivering the plans

Building Designers

  • Represent value for money.
  • Have a strong practical building background.
  • Create solutions that are financially realistic yet creative and beautiful.
  • Consultative approach.

Residential Draftsmen

  • Will draw what is provided.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Good for simple designs where the concept design is already presented.

Quality builders will tell you that Qualified Building Designers offer the best value solution hands down every time. In Queensland there is absolutely no difference in the work that can be done by a qualified building designer as opposed to a residential architect or even a draftsman who does house plans for that matter. There are some differences in education and regulation but the reality is that around 75% of all residential dwellings in Queensland are designed by Qualified Building Designers.

A Building Designer must be licensed with the Queensland Building Services Authority to the level of accreditation that is suitable to the work being done.

But the most important difference is the one relating to building and engineering costs. If you have no concern over your budget and have extremely deep pockets then by all means engage a residential architect. An architect has no concept of real construction costs. They will tell you that is the job of the builder or a quantity surveyor. So what good is that to you? Well none. It doesn’t matter if your budget is $300K or if its $1 Million. If you want a solution that will meet your budget then residential architects should be avoided.

No matter what your budget you need to know that the home you design is going to come as close to that budget as possible. Time and time again our builders are presented with plans produced by architects and asked to quote on those plans and time and time again the client is blown away when the true costs are presented in an open and transparent format. And the response is always the same: “But I told the architect what my budget was, how could it now cost so much more?” Of course by then the residential architect has been paid many thousands of dollars for their creative output.

Now its not totally their fault. Its simply the way the industry works. Its just wrong and its definitely not client friendly.

Ison Homes has a real working solution created by experienced experts from both the building design and the building construction areas. Customers love it, building designers love it and builders love it. Because it works. It won’t result in months of work and tens of thousands of dollars being thrown into the bin. It results in beautiful homes being designed and built in partnership with you and in line with your financial well being.


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