Home Building Tips

Building a home is an investment that can give you more financial flexibility in the future – but only if you choose a home you can really afford.

So, it is crucial that you first establish a budget, carefully considered and determined based on many factors including your income, lifestyle, credit and savings history, employment status and loan serviceability. Your new home probably won’t be the last one you build so you need to choose a home that will gain value as quickly as possible.

We can help through Finance Brokers who have access to dozens of lenders and can source the best available finance package based on your own individual circumstances. Because brokers are paid a commission by the lending authority, it is usually provided as a free service to you and can save you many weeks of personal research and “phone queue frustration.”

Since your new home is also an investment that can gain you enough to buy a bigger home in the future, you should choose your builders carefully. Go for experience and proven expertise. In Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland, Ison Homes is your best choice. home building tips

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There are many opportunities that come with building a new home, instead of just buying an old one, which may have structural and functional problems. For one thing, your home will truly be suitable to your needs, tastes and lifestyle. With a great builder, you can invest in a home that increases value fast.

Here are some home building tips for you to consider.


Now where do you like to live? Make sure you like the area first before you buy any block. Is it close to all the places you need to go? If you’re raising a family, you need to think about the trip to school, shopping centres, medical centres etc. Do you like outdoor activities? Then, make sure you have easy access to parkland, tracks and sporting facilities. Think about the public transport to and from work. All these things do help to save money and time.

Size and Shape

Obviously you need a large enough block to fit the home you want to build, but the shape is also important. Think about the space around your new home: will it be usable? Is there a positioning of your chosen design on the block that maximises the landscaping potential? Corner blocks present an opportunity for side access to boat storage etc


If you have already chosen a home design, put it on hold until you have spoken to us. It could be that you have the most stylish home in the street but also the most impracticable to live in.

Always keep in mind that your location and the home that you build should suit your land is the best way possible. Never force a home on land that’s not suitable for it. It simply doesn’t work out in the long run. home building tips

Try to purchase land that’s facing north or north-east. This way, we can aim at having the main living areas of your home get maximum light so you can save energy. If you buy your land before you choose a home building design, a good home building tip is to try – if possible – to position the home to face north on your block.

Site Costs

Before purchasing your block of land, we can offer advice on the following:soil test, contour surveys, earthworks, rock excavation, driveway gradients, retaining walls, fencing, restrictive land and home building covenants, contracts, home building agreements, floor level heights and flood zones, building in bushfire areas, noise and acoustic requirements, energy consumption and “star” ratings. home building tips

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Every block has to be evaluated individually when you want to get the most out of it. Site costs are expenses involved in preparations, such as levelling the building site as well as laying the foundations or footings.

In most cases, you need to design your home to suit the surrounding slope. We have seen too many times when homes had to be aggressively cut into the land, causing all sorts of problems after handover to the owners. This is a fast and easy solution for the builder, but a nightmare for the home owner who now has to spend thousands on block retaining walls.

Again, design the home to suit the slope and this will reduce majority of these problems. Ison Homes will do it right and build you a lovely home that will increase in re-sell value in no time!

What happens next

As your Building Supervisor (Director and Owner of Ison Homes), from the initial meeting, and during and after construction, you will be dealing with me. I will explain how the building process will run. As well as putting you in the picture, this meeting establishes a more personal relationship between us. We want you to feel at ease and assured about the home that we are building for you.

Phone calls, letter, meetings...

Our office will keep you informed about what’s going on, but we think you’ll probably be surprised by how often we contact you. Keeping you updated on the progress of your new home is one of our top priorities. We plan well ahead to avoid delays and problems that could arise or be overlooked.

Consult our Interior Designer

Once you have confirmed your new home design and contracts have been signed, we will arrange our interior designer to contact you. Most meetings are carried out in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Our design expert will help you decide on your new home’s interior colour scheme, room-by-room. All of our previous customers find these meetings very helpful and are able to decide on colours that reflect their preference and put their personal stamp on their new home. Ison Homes will save you a lot of time and worry. When building with us, we make things happen fast and as you prefer.

10 Easy Steps to Owning your Own Home

  • Making your choice – Choose from one of our plans or your own design for your home’s facade. home building tips
  • Preparing your proposal – Ison Homes will prepare an itemised new home proposal that reflects all your choices. home building tips
  • Finalising your contract – Once you have paid a $2000 preliminary agreement fee – which will make up part of your deposit – we will arrange a soil test and site report. This helps determine the site costs to help us prepare your Home Building Contract.
  • Selecting your colours – Our experienced Colour Consultant will spend time helping you decide on the entire colour scheme for your home, from roof tiles and bricks to internal walls and ceilings.
  • Signing your contract – Once the contract is prepared, you will sign it and pay the balance of your deposit so we can apply for a building permit on your behalf.
  • Getting your permits – We will lodge a building permit application, pay the associated fees and arrange sewer and mains connection on your behalf.
  • Placing your orders – We will get everything ready to start building, including making sure all the necessary permits have been obtained, and ordering materials.
  • Building your home – We will, at all times, keep you informed of your home’s progress and arrange site visits.
  • Moving in – We’ll present your new home to you, explain all its special features and arrange a time for the final handover.
  • Staying in touch – As you settle in, we’ll stay in touch in case there are any minor issues that need to be resolved.