Please read the lists of owner and builder obligations below to help guarantee an easy and hassle-free home building process of your dream house.


Once you have spoken to your banks and have acquired a pre-approved loan to finance your home development, you need to accomplish the following:

  • Provide your lender with a copy of your signed contract and specifications as soon as possible so they can complete your
    finance application while we await building approval.
    home building process
  • Lodge your house plans with the land developer to obtain covenant approval (if applicable).
  • Sit down with our colour consultant to complete all your exterior and interior selections.
  • Finalise your colour selections with our “Colour and Designer” from Ison Homes. (Note: you are welcome you do these selections on your own, but we cannot commence onsite until all selections have been finalised.)
  • Ison Homes requires a letter stating “Authority to Commence Construction.” Once we have received this from your lender and as soon and the building approval has been received, appropriate documentation will be sent to the lender with unconditional finance approval.
  • If you are personally funding the project and there is no financier, please provide bank statements or written verification from your bank confirming that sufficient funds are available to meet the cost of construction. This will mean a joint account between ‘Ison Homes and You’ will have to be in place prior to any work carried out.
  • Provide Ison Homes with evidence of land ownership, such as a copy of the title deed, transfer notice or current rates notice.
  • Provide the builder with any additional details requested under the contract by the owner.
  • Provide any additional details requested by the builder, which may be required to process the building and/or plumbing approvals.
  • Pay the balance of 5% deposit as required in the contract. Providing all of these items can be completed within the nominated time frame under the contract, a price review can be successfully avoided


  • Finalise all plan details and lodge application with Certifier/Council for building/plumbing approvals.
  • Process any variations to the contract.
  • Forward Building Approval and Builders Insurances to your financier.
  • Issue internal “Authority to Commence Construction” following the completion and satisfaction of all owner obligations.
  • The Ison Homes scheduling department will raise the bill of quantities and place all supplier and sub-contractor labour orders, in preparation for on-site commencement.
  • Construction will commence within 20 working days of having received an “Authority to Commence Construction” Your build time is calculated from commencement on site.
  • Provide you with a “Building Cycle Calculator” to monitor progress and an invitation to meet your Building Supervisor at various stages of completion.
  • Provide a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice of scheduled handover and assist in the administrative processes to ensure a smooth and worry free transition.
  • Provide ongoing customer care, assistance and advice throughout the 6 month maintenance warranty and structural warranty periods.

From the developer to the architect, and to the design consultant, construction superintendent and various trade contractors and inspectors, each professional involved in building your new home  when following the home building process achieving the same goal: To deliver a high quality, pristine new home that’s fully complete and ready for move-in. home-building-process