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Ison Homes is one of Brisbane’s leading dual occupancy / duplex builders. We help you realise your dream home – twice! Call us at (07) 32074298 to know more.

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With our experience and expertise, you can build the best home for two. Get two rents, instead of one. Or, invest in two high value homes, instead of one. The potential of your Ison Homes duplex is limitless! Duplex Builders Brisbane

Ison Homes provides complete building services, from initial design, lodgement and approval by Council and local authorities to actual construction by qualified craftsmen. We may already have designs that meet the specific requirements of your local council area.  We can also organise custom designed duplex/ dual occupancy for your council and your own special requirements. Duplex Builders Brisbane

Talk to us today about the many possibilities in Duplex Development in Brisbane. Contact us at (07) 32074298.


A dual-occupancy development is a good way to dip your toe into the property development market, and the simplest dual-occupancy project is to build a duplex. Cash in on your block and build two low maintenance dwellings. Depending on the size and shape of your block, you may choose to build the units one behind the other or side by side.

A duplex development gives you the potential to rent the properties out; sell both homes and pocket the profits; or move into one of the units and sell or rent the other for additional income. This is the first step in establishing your needs and a viable budget for your duplex. One of our designers at Ison Homes will help you with this important first step. Together, you will look at the factors required in preparing your brief and budget:

The size and orientation of your lot.

  • Which way you land falls i.e., to the street or the rear.
  • The width of your lot.
  • Your lifestyle.
  • The size of the duplex and number of rooms.
  • Parking requirements.
  • Quality of inclusions in the duplex.
  • Impact on neighbouring properties.
  • Viable budget for your duplex.
  • Zoning of your lot.

Having a well prepared brief will help us assess your duplex requirements against the requirements of your local council for duplex construction in the local council area.

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