Construction Company Brisbane

Construction Company Brisbane

How to Choose a Construction Company in Brisbane

Are you looking for a construction company in Brisbane for building your dream home? Although there are several construction companies who have been in the business for decades, only a few of them are capable of delivering the results you require.  Apart from their licence, past clients and history, look for a construction company where the staff is genuine, warm and friendly. Such construction companies are backed with a proven record of providing incredible services and customer support to all their clients.

Don’t be fooled by flashy adverts and ask for recommendations and referrals from people who have already dealt with a construction company in Brisbane. Make sure you consider the following factors before choosing a construction company for building or renovating your home:

Check Licences

It is illogical to assume a builder is in the business without a Licence. Before you choose a construction company, check with the (QBCC) to guarantee that you are hiring a fully licensed company, which is qualified to work for you. Moreover, check for home indemnity insurance (a Certificate of Currency) in case the builder the business folds. Don’t hire any builder that doesn’t possessproper licensing.

Look for Experience

Choosing a good construction company means you have to look for professionals who have sufficient past experience to execute your project. The company you will be hiring must have adequate experience in their field. If you have a strict budget, choosing a company that is relatively new to the construction business can be a risk. Hire a company that has professionals with considerable number of years under their belts. Thiswill ensure that you are dealing with professionals who know what they are doing.

Evaluate Past Projects

It is only natural to ask for ‘references’ of past clients from a construction company. This gives a fair idea of the work philosophy and the values a construction company gives importance to. Past projects that the builder has been involved in will familiarize you with the kind of expertise a construction company possesses. These projects also reflect the workmanship as well as the kind of materials you can expect from the company.

Check for Reputation

Make sure you know whether the construction company you are selecting has a reputation of settling disputes or hiding them. You can do so by checking with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, for getting an idea of the builder’s current and past work record.

Maintenance Period

A large number of construction companies commit to a maintenance period of at least 6 months after your project is completed. You need to get this maintenance period in writing before you sign any contracts. Plus, you should receive a 7-year guarantee for the home once the project is complete with a 12-month maintenance period.

 Check Availability

The number of projects your construction company is working on can affect the progress of your project. Unless the construction company has hired exceptional professions, don’t make the mistake of hiring a company that is overloaded with projects. This can push the timeframe further or you may end up with a construction that does not meet your expectations, especially if the company outsources the job to a subcontractor. Hire a construction company that has a reputation of completing home construction and renovation projects on time without hiring sub-contractors.

These are some factors you should consider to make sure you choose the right construction company in Brisbane for your project.

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