Building Your Own Home

Building Your Own Home

When it comes to building your own home  with the team at Ison Homes, the first thing we do is undertake a full site assessment.

There is no substitute for standing on a block of land and using your experience and skill to look at what challenges will occur and what solutions can be implemented when it comes time to building as a majority of builders won’t even do that, they require you to come to their office and start talking about plans. Yet they have no idea what they could be building on for you.

building your own home

The most difficult part of any construction project is getting the dwelling “out of the ground”. Earthworks, Engineering, Foundation and Quality Building Practices are the key.

At Ison Homes we approach it systematically. The first thing we do is meet you on the site. It is always the best place to start. However rather than rely just on experience we use a comprehensive site check list to review, take notes and start the planning process. This can be the difference between success and failure when building a quality home.

You must also consider that any specific challenges, big or small, in relation to building your home on your land must be budgeted for. Many small challenges can add up to a significant cost therefore a professional assessment is vital, else it just becomes another “variation” cost to you once you start.

This is an example listed below “Things to take into Consideration” of the many issues that should be dealt with as early as possible when considering building your home. There is quite alot to cover and not surprising how often items are missed in the early planning stages that come back to bite either the builder or the customer at a later date.

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Things to take into Consideration

  • House Set Backs
  • What is the Mandatory Minimum Distance From the Boundary? Front/Side/Rear
  • Where does the customer wish to build the house specific to the boundaries and are there challenges in this particular site for the house?
  • Site Information
  • Front Boundary (Pegs in?)
  • Rear Boundary (Pegs in?)
  • LHS Boundary Visible (Viewing from Front)
  • RHS Boundary Visible (Viewing from Front)
  • Boundary to Gutter
  • Is Site Clearing or Demolition Required?
  • Who will be responsible?
  • Is the Site a Battle Axe Block?
  • Is the Site a Corner Block?
  • Any Site Signs on the Block?
  • Trees on Site? (Position and Description)
  • Is the Street No / Lot No easily identified. (Paint onto kerb)
  • Fences (Position, Type and Condition)
  • Adjacent Dwellings (Position and Type)
  • Have neighbours been notified of intention to construct?
  • Are there any noticable issues with General Access to the Building Site?
  • Sewer Available? Y/N  (Location, Distance and Condition)
  • Is a Sewer Pegout Required?
  • Septic Required? Y/N (Location)
  • Are there any easements on the site?
  • Position and Type of Easements?
  • Does the site require a Special Alignment?
  • Swimming Pool to be built? Y/N
  • Who will build the pool and where?
  • Any identifiable Fill or Water Courses?
  • Driveway Access?
  • Site Identification: Are the survey pegs in? Y/N
  • Survey Information: What details are available?
  • Retaining Walls in Existence? Y/N
  • Will Retaining Walls be Required? Y/N
  • Road Finish? (Sealed or Other)
  • Kerb and Gutter? (Y/N Description)
  • Pavement/Footpaths? (Condition/Photos)
  • Footpath Crossing for Driveway – Vehicle Access?
  • Is the driveway layback in the correct position?
  • Is the driveway culvert in good condition? (Truck Access)
  • What is the position and condition of the stormwater culvert?
  • Visible Topsoil Quality and Description?
  • Excavation Required?
  • Site to be stripped of Vegetation? Y?N
  • Electrical Connection? (Overhead/Underground/Single/3Phase)
  • Electrical Turret Location
  • Location of Power Pole
  • Rural Property? Additional Poles Required? (Y/N)
  • Temporary Generator Required? (Y/N)
  • Water Service On Site? Y/N
  • Long / Short / Existing Meter / Service / Diameter / Large
  • Water Tanks Required? What is required? Position and Size?
  • Temporary Water Required for Trades?
  • Is the land subject to flooding? AHD Level?
  • Any Natural Watercourses?
  • What was the land used for prior to development?
  • Will Stormwater Detention be Required?
  • Is Natural Gas Connected to the Site? (Description and Location)
  • Are there any Mine Subsidence Requirements?
  • Are there any Noise Pollution Control Requirements?
  • Are there any Bushfire Control Requirements?
  • Does the site fall into the South East Queensland Fire Ant Eradication Zone? Does it need an inspection?
  • Will a DA be required?

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