Building Construction Questions and Answers
Some of the most common questions we get asked by our clients.

Do you offer an initial consultation? What does the service involve and how much does it cost?

Yes. Paul will meet with you for an initial, free consultation. We always find its best to meet on site so we actually know what we are working with . Building your new home is one of the biggest decisions you will make. With our many years of experience we pass on our knowledge, with no obligation, just to ensure that your building experience is a happy and successful one.

Is it free to get a quote?

Yes. We provide any potential client/architect with a free quotation of their new building. Our quotes are never posted or emailed to you. We invest a lot of time to offer you a detailed quotation and we request that we meet and go over the quote, step by step, so you understand what we are actually offering you.

What should I look for when choosing a builder?

We believe you should choose a builder that you can trust, one that has a solid and proven record in building. At Ison Homes we believe in being transparent, no hidden costs and no surprises. Take your time deciding this very important decision and do not allow yourself to be pressured or rushed into a contract with a pushy builder. You must feel comfortable with the builder you choose, you’re going to be working with him for a few months. Our clients know exactly what they are getting before they sign the contract so do your research on the builder through Department of Fair Trading or through any past clients, architects, designers etc. We hear so many horror stories of people that have had bad experiences with builders which could have been avoided if they had just spent a little more time researching.

How do I know you are the right builder for my project?

At Ison Homes we work hard to provide quality workmanship, honesty & transparency in all aspects of the building process. We also believe in not only a strong and professional working relationship throughout the building process but also in maintaining and turning that into a healthy and ongoing supportive relationship once the project has been brought to completion. We would hope that you would come back to Ison Homes for any future projects you may have.  If these qualities are what you are after in a builder, then do not hesitate to contact Ison Homes.

Can I talk to anyone you have done work for?

Yes. We are very happy for you to talk with any of our past clients, architects, interior designers or draftsman that we have worked together with for any references or information.

Do I have to use an architect?

No. Although many of our clients do use architects we do have a number that also use either a draftsperson or interior designer. Depending on what you would like in your design, the level of finishes, your budget, the level of detail in the drawings is all based on your individual requirements.

Can you recommend an Architect or Building Designer?

Yes. Ison Homes has  a long history working with some of the best architects, designers and drafts persons in Brisbane. We would be happy to recommend any of these to suit your budget & requirements. On our recommendation they would be able to give you a no obligation  fee proposal for their services.

Can I use my own suppliers/materials ( e.g kitchen/bathroom)?

Yes. Approximately 80% of our clients give us a schedule of their chosen fixtures & finishes and then we provide a supply and install quotation as part of the overall project build cost. However, we are happy for our clients to choose and purchase their own fixtures and fittings e.g. tiles, tapes, sinks, appliances, light fixtures, carpets etc. and have them delivered on our request. Just remember all products you purchase must come with a warranty in case you need to directly contact them if there’s a problem over time. Please note * This does NOT apply to any trades people . Ison Homes only employs highly qualified trades to work on our projects.

Who will be my point of contact during the project?

The point of contact during the entire building process will be Paul Ison, the owner and director of Ison Homes.

Will you be on site every day?

All building trades and building works undertaken by Ison homes will be supervised and quality controlled by the owner of the company ,Paul Ison, during the entire construction phase. Paul oversees all works and is on site most days.

Can I visit the site during the project?

You may visit the site during construction. On new builds  a time is usually set up that fits in with the client or if an architect & designer are involved then a time that suits everybody. This is usually done on each stage of the build throughout the duration of the project. These meetings are designed so that all involved can see the progression of the project and deal with any issues or questions that may arise as the works unfold. Due to W.P.H.S reasons access can only be given with the builder’s permission and is actually a requirement in the signed contract.

Can I make variations if I want to change something?

Yes, you can make variations at any time during the building process. The client or architect must put the variation in writing to Ison Homes who will give the client a quote on the variation requested. This may result in an increase or decrease in cost, to the original contact price. Only after the client agrees and has signed off to the variation will Ison Homes proceed . Please note that it is strictly against any building practice for a builder to do any work which alters the agreed contract price without a signed variation quote showing the costs involved .

What council fees might be involved?

The following are typical fees charged by councils for renovations/extensions and new homes:

  • Development application
  • Planning and reform
  • Compliance levy
  • Advertising
  • Building Construction Certificate
  • Inspection fees
  • Long Service Levy
  • Sewer inspection fees

When is the best time to build a home?

Any time of the year is generally a great time to build  your home, depending on your individual and current circumstances.

Do I have to sign a contract before work begins?

Yes, by law any builder must provide a written contract for residential building work if the contract price is over $3,300 (including GST). At Ison Homes we use industry recognized contracts drawn up by The Queensland Master Builders Association specifically tailored toward the building industry. At Ison Homes, we recommend that all our future clients seek up to date information on the Department of Fair Trading website in relation to contracts before taking on any building works.

Does my builder need to have a current Builders licence at the time of contract signing?

Yes. Any builder or tradesperson who contracts and/or carries out specialist work (i.e. electrical wiring, plumbing, gas-fitting, air-conditioning and refrigeration) require a licence regardless of the value of the work.

Does the builder need to take out Home Owners Warranty insurance for and on behalf of his clients?

Yes. Home warranty insurance needs to be provided by a builder or tradesperson before taking any money (including a deposit) from a home owner under a residential building contract and before starting any work under that contract Insurance threshold.