Build Healthier Homes

Build Healthier Homes

Five Innovative Ways to Build Healthier Homes

Rising energy costs, global warming and other environmental hazards are giving rise to environmentally friendly homes. These homes don’t cause any harm to the planet but are also pleasurable living spaces for their inhabitants. Living in a home that’s eco-friendly living or healthy will help you conserve precious natural resources in every way possible. The good news is that a large number of these healthy options are no longer too expensive for you to incorporate in your home.    Build Healthier Homes

If you are planning to construct a home soon, one of the first things you should ask is about the composition of the materials that the contractor will use for the construction process. As more contractors are happy to disclose everything about their products, homeowners can make healthy decisions to protect their family as well as the environment. Here are 5 innovative ways you can build a healthier home for your family:

1.     Allergen-Reducing Flooring

Allergy concerns (particularly asthma) are among the major reasons for homeowners choosing hardwood over wall-to-wall carpeting. You can do this in the living areas of your homes. Hard surface floorings that are free of formaldehyde are soaring in popularity for new homes.

2.     Under-Mounted Sinks

Under-mounting sinks inhibit the infestation of microbes as there is no space between the sink and the counter surface where the bacteria can thrive. Even though this is not something completely new, this innovative idea has become popular in terms of addressing health and wellness concerns.  Build Healthier Homes

3.     Smoke Alarms

You can install smoke alarms within 15 feet of all bedrooms on all floors. The smoke alarm will monitor every part of your home and alert you in case there is smoke. This way, you can take prompt action in case of an emergency.            Build Healthier Homes

4.     Inhibit Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a harmful substance that can cause a number of health problems. Most processed forms of dry wood emit formaldehyde. Therefore, when investing in furniture, make sure you check the formaldehyde rating so you are not at risk. Also, you should invest in wall material that absorbs formaldehyde so you are not exposed to the emissions.

5.     Natural Lighting

LED bulbs that are designed to stimulate the human body’s natural circadian rhythms are becoming a must-have fixture in all new homes. These light bulbs improve sleep patterns by means of the colour temperature of the light. The morning lamps exude a more concentrated blue/white tone to boost the natural waking cycle, whereas, the evening lamps give off an amber hue to replicate a soothing candlelight effect.

Final Thoughts

It requires a few scientific building strategies and a good range of products to make a home that is healthy for you and the environment. There are many other ways to make your homes healthier by installing good energy distribution or ventilation systems, naturally antimicrobial materials and non-toxic paints for decorating your homes. Work on all components of your home, from ventilation to moisture control, for making it healthier and more protective.

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